Switch Ph+ ALL treatment at the critical moment

For patients resistant/intolerant to prior TKIs, ICLUSIG (ponatinib) is the only pan-mutational TKI with activity against known mutations, including T315I1-4 

The presence of mutations can affect your next treatment decision5-8

The T315I mutation is common in resistant Ph+ ALL5

Patients with the T315I mutation represent a significant number of patients 
who are resistant to first-line therapy5-8:

Up to 79 percent of patients are resistant to first-line dasatinib therapy. 37 percent of patients with mutations are resistant to first-line imatinib therapy.

aData from the Soverini et al. (n=14), Rousselot et al. (n=36), Foa et al. (n=17), and Ravandi et al. (n=13) publications.5-8

ICLUSIG has proven efficacy in Ph+ ALL

ICLUSIG is a third-generation TKI BCR:ABL1 inhibitor

Patients with Ph+ ALL may benefit from ICLUSIG

Ph+ ALL= Philadelphia chromosome positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia; TKI=tyrosine kinase inhibitor.