Ponatinib is the only third-generation, pan-mutational TKI that inhibits BCR::ABL1, regardless of mutation status1-4

The mechanism of action shows inhibition of cells expressing native or mutant BCR::ABL1, including T315I1,4-7

Ponatinib inhibits BCR ABL1 with or without mutations, including T315I.

Ponatinib mechanism of action (MOA)

Ponatinib is the only pan-mutational TKI that was purposefully engineered to inhibit BCR::ABL1 with or without mutations1,4-8  

  • Binds to the ATP binding site of BCR::ABL1
  • Inhibits the activity of BCR::ABL1, leading to cell death
  • Shows activity against all known single-point mutations, including T315I

According to the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) for CML: Ponatinib (ICLUSIG) has no contraindicated BCR::ABL1 mutations.3

Results from the OPTIC trial in TKI-resistant

Which patients are appropriate for ICLUSIG?

Findings in patients with Ph+ ALL

ATP= Adenosine triphosphate; CP-CML=chronic phase chronic myeloid leukemia; CP=chronic phase; Ph+ ALL= Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia; TKI=tyrosine kinase inhibitor.