ICLUSIG® (ponatinib) May Help

ICLUSIG study results in Ph+ ALL

A study looked at the safety and efficacy of ICLUSIG in 32 adult patients whose Ph+ ALL was resistant or intolerant to 2 or more TKIs or that had the T315i mutation.

The study looked at 2 types of treatment responses to see how well ICLUSIG was working:


This means blood cell counts go down to a normal amount.


In addition to blood cell counts going down to a normal amount, there is also no evidence of leukemia.


Talk to your doctor about these results to learn more about how ICLUSIG was studied and how it could be a part of your treatment plan.

ICLUSIG was effective in Ph+ ALL


34% of patients (11 out of 32 patients) achieved CHR by 6 months

41% of patients (13 out of 32 patients) achieved MaHR by 6 months

Remember, you and your doctor will consider side effects along with the potential benefits of ICLUSIG.

Every patient is different. Results may vary.

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